Thursday, April 29, 2010

Programs for the Fall 2010

Frederick County Parks and Recreation staff are so excited about the many opportunities for families and residents of Frederick County who will benefit from the new Catoctin Creek Nature Center.

These days, children are increasingly disconnected from nature- caught up in computer games, preoccupied with videos, lured by shopping malls and sometimes over-scheduled with extra-curricular activities.

Catoctin Creek Nature Center, beginning this fall, will provide opportunities to connect with nature by offering positive and constructive learning opportunities that will capture the interest of all of everyone who visits. Visitors will be encouraged to engage their senses and the staff on hand will be able to teach everyone to appreciate the interconnectedness of all living things.

Below are a few of the programs that are being developed:

Pre School and Elementary School Field Trip Programs

Middle School Field Trip programs

Girl and Boy Scout merit badge programs

Educational Birthday Party Options

Seasonal Educational activities and programs

Nature Camp for 2011

and much more...
Check later this summer for more information about these upcoming programs and field trip opportunities.

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