Monday, July 19, 2010

Let there be LIGHT!

There is now electricity at the nature center, however the real goal for energy conservation is how the building will be situated towards the south.

Catoctin Creek Nature Center is oriented towards the south for passive solar gain. This will allow the nature center to utilize the sun to heat the building in the winter and to use less artificial light during operating hours.

Natural daylight from the southern window wall will illuminate the entire building, substantially lessening what is usually a building's most expensive energy cost.

During winter months, with increasing energy costs, it is even more important to take advantage of free heating; the sun! The nature center works to store the heat of the sun collected during the day in the floor of the south facing rooms. At night, this stored energy radiates to heat the nature center (for free)!

The patio area will be a relaxing atmosphere allowing visitors to birdwatch, read a great book, view the creek from afar, or just simply relax and enjoy the bountiful surroundings of beauty!

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