Friday, June 24, 2011

Our first week of camp is a success!

Our first week of camp is wrapping up, and the kids are loving their time here at Catoctin Creek! From tie-dyeing to nature hikes to tubing in the creek, our counselors and staff are making sure campers always have something fun to do at camp. Next week's camps are "Trail Blazers" and "Creepy Crawlers". Please call 301-600-2936 to sign your camper up for a super-fun week at Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center!

Some examples of camper tie-dyes.

A wild Fowler's toad found on a trail-marking expedition.

Our newly mulched irrigation ditch. We hope to turn
this into a flourishing garden, or perhaps a pool
for turtles!

A lone flower found amidst a patch of weeds in the park.
Nature always finds a way!

Pebble Beach, a favorite spot for visiting Catoctin Creek. Campers
have gone bug hunting, swimming, and tubing in the creek.

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