Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventures at Catoctin Creek: Nature Camp Week 6!

From tubing to crab soccer, swimming to activism projects, our campers have been busy at Catoctin Creek! Here are some highlights from the week.

One of our camp's unintended main attractions has been the crafting of Paracord bracelets, under the instruction of one of our wonderful counselors. While many campers have already had the opportunity to create a bracelet, we will shortly be creating a separate section on the blog with detailed instructions and photos to make your own Paracord bracelet!

A beautiful Dragon Hunter dragonfly, which preys
on other dragonfly species!


A few of our campers pose, showing how much fun
Catoctin Creek can be!

A wheelbug, related to the assassin bug, whose
bite can take months to heal.

Our campers hard at work pulling weeds from our irrigation
pool. Water from the parking lot drains into this ravine, nourishing
the trees we've planted there.

A good-natured game of crab soccer is a favorite way to end
a long day of swimming and hiking.

Campers are entranced by the wondrous Vietnamese
Walking Stick, which is capable of standing perfectly
still for up to four weeks!

Campers are super-excited for tubing in the creek!

Several tubers pose for the camera.

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