Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Special: Paracord Bracelet Instructions!

One of our most popular projects has been the fashioning of Paracord bracelets, under the tutelage of one of our knowledgeable counselors. Due to the wild success of this originally minor craft, we have decided to provide instructions for all to use to fashion their own super-strong bracelet. Simply follow the instructions and photos provided below! Paracord and buckles in various colors can be purchased at, or any other website which provides similar military-grade materials.

1. Supplies

-2 lengths of paracord, each approx. 5 feet long
-1 3/8” contoured plastic buckles
- lighter (butane is recommended due to its precise flame and quicker melt)
- scissors
-The internal cordage of the paracord can be removed
if you would like a thinner bracelet.

Once you choose the color you would like as the border color, insert it
through the top of one side of the clip and pull it through about 6 inches.


Insert the second color (this one will be the center color
of the bracelet) through the bottom of the clip and pull through 
the top about 6 inches.

Long strands should be on the outside, shorter strands will become the inside of the bracelet.
Take the long border strand color (yellow) and thread it under both the short middle strands, leaving a figure 4 loop. Place the strand over the long strand on the opposite side (blue).

Take the center color long strand (blue) and drape it across the middle stands, 
with the border strand inside its loop, then place it through the figure 4 loop
 of the border color (yellow).

This is what the first tightened knot
should look like.

Second knot: notice the colors are on opposite sides. This is important – 
you always want to start with the border color (yellow in picture) regardless of its position.

Wrap the long center color strand around the long border strand
and over the middle short strands, then place it through the loop
of the long border color strand.

Bracelet with the first 2 knots – continue the knots until the bracelet is
1 inch from fitting around your wrist.

Bracelet 1 inch from fitting around wrist.

Put the middle strands through the top of the other
half of the plastic clip.

Fold the strands toward the bottom of the bracelet
until they reach the knots.

Secure the strands with the next knot.

Underside view of the secure knot.

Continue knots until you reach the clip.

Underside view of finished knots.
Cut the long strands.

Cut the short strands.

Burn the outside ends. CAUTION – VERY HOT! (The bracelet material turns to 
molten plastic when it melts and has the potential to cause a serious burn)

Burn the inner ends. CAUTION – VERY HOT!

You're done!
Here's what the finished product should look like.

Enjoy your new Paracord Bracelet!


  1. Good instructions! Im a boy scout helping as a den cheif and just taught them this... they had alot of trouble! i should have just printed this out and i really like how you guys did the finish off! Never have seen that

  2. My daughter got a paracord bracelet kit for Christmas. Lousy instructions. Have searched all day for good instructions that use two colors AND how to finish it. You did this so well! Thank you!