Friday, October 21, 2011

Wildlife Sighting Log:

White Lined Sphinx Moth

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10/21/2011: Barred Owl                           reported by: Jason, John, Mike, Allise Guglielmone
10/21/2011: two White Tail Deer                                  John Guglielmone
10/20/2011: Bald Eagle calling                                      Susan Matthews
10/19/2011: two Does at Nature Center                        Susan Matthews
                    entrance, cicada calling, morning
                    dove, Canadian Geese in flight,
                    Red-tailed Hawk soaring and calling,
                    Ground Hog
10/15/2011: I saw a beaver                                              Jason Silva
10/15/2011: Chickadee at the feeders, Ground               Susan Matthews
                    Hog, Buckeye Butterfly, Cabbage
                    White, Crayfish, Wooley Bear Catterpillar,
                    2 Belted Kingfisher, 12 mostly male Woodducks,
                    Eastern Box Turtle (young male ~10 years old)
10/15/2011: Kestrel                                                          Joshua Nolen
10/8/2011:   two Black Vultures on roof of                        Caryn Code
                    Spring House
9/30/2011:   six Wild Turkeys off Sumantown Road,        Spring Ligi
                    Praying Mantis on Green Roof

If you saw and/or photographed a plant or animal during your visit to Catoctin Creek Nature Center we would love to hear from you. Please call us at #301-600-2050 or email

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