Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wildlife Sighting Log

We are interested in hearing from you!

10/22/2011:       Large female box turtle                                        -Gregory Smith

10/23/2011:       two turkeys                                                           -Randy Bumgardner

10/25/2011:       six turkeys calling                                                 -Randy Bumgardner

10/26/2011:       Pileated Woodpecker, kingfisher belted kingfisher heard calling, groundhog (near the front gate)                                                                       -Susan Matthews

10/28/2011:       Woodchuck crossed road into smokehouse, lots of small birds at first turn in Red Trail just beyond the smokehouse ruins, about a dozen small birds with red bellies on Red Trail near pine trees                                                               -Jason Silva

10/29/2011:        four turkeys open field below the open meadow -Ed Kilpatrick & Sandy Burr

10/30/2011:         barred owl calling                                               -Caryn Code

10/31/2011:         two deer, one young buck in open meadow behind N.C. -Chris Pacheco

11/1/2011:           two deer                                                             -Daniel Merideth

11/1/2011:           wolf spider, daddy long legs                              -Garett

11/1/2011:            two buck scrapes, Cardinal (female), vultures, crow

11/2/2011:            one tufted titmouse on sunflower seed two chickadees on suet

If you saw and/or photographed a plant or animal during your visit to Catoctin Creek Nature Center we would love to hear from you. Please call us at #301-600-2050 or email

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