Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Attention all Pre-School & Home School Parents: We wanted to let you know that our Creek Chubs Club Program (2-3 yrs old) and our Home School Nature Days Programs (5-12 yrs old) are now offered on Fridays.

Creek Chubs Club:

These programs are designed for little nature lovers! Your child will learn about the natural world through stories, live animals, nature walks, hands on crafts, and games. Parents are free! Dress appropriately for outdoor activities.

2-3 yrs/1 day/ $10

Home School Nature Days:

Allow our experienced naturalists to enrich your child’s studies through a multi-disciplinary approach using nature as a focus. There will be separate lessons for younger and older home schoolers with a group activity at the end. The scheduled topics are: January “The Amazing Amazon”, February “Animals and Winter Adaptations”, and March “Geology 101”. Parents are encouraged to attend, but are also required to register.

5-12 yrs/1 day/$4.50 child & $4.50 adult

For more information regarding these upcoming programs please visit our website at:


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