Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Jan 10th 2012 – John & Donna Brognard

1 Goss-Hawk, 5 doves

Jan 14th 2012- Pat Caro & Kathy Brown Bird Walk Over 20 species of birds including:

Slate Colored Junco
House Finch
Gold finch
Turkey vulture
Blue jay
Winter wren
Blue birds
House sparrow
White throated sparrow
Pileated woodpecker
Downy woodpecker
White breasted nuthatch
Carolina wren
Tufted titmouse
Mourning Dove

Observations taken up the hill (left coming out from your park entrance) at the farmers field on right in field (Killdeer), Red-tailed hawk, and Red shouldered hawk

Jan 18th 2012- Susan Matthews

Black Vultures (2)- perched on the ice house chimney
Mourning Doves
Cardinal (female)
Downy woodpecker
Blue birds (2-3)
American crow (heard calling)

Jan 20th 2012-John Schultz

Vultures perched on the ice house chimney
Eastern Screech Owl at the Poffenberger Road bridge over Catoctin Creek

Jan 24th 2012-Daniel Merideth

Two young white-tailed deer

Jan 31st 2012-Susan Matthews

American Kestrel on a telephone wire near the intersection Old Middletown Rd. & Sumantown Rd.

Herd of nine white-tailed deer- Sandy Burr
including one buck were observed beyond the tree line from the Nature Center

Two red tailed hawks, and one stone fly- John & Donna Brognard

If you saw and/or photographed a plant or animal during your visit to Catoctin Creek Nature Center, we would love to hear from you. We have a wildlife log at the front desk or you could call us at #301-600-2050 or email smatthews@frederickcountymd.gov

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