Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays

At Catoctin Creek Nature Center, our resident critters have a new year’s wish... They would love for you to come visit and see them! Our animals love to share by giving our visitors the wonderful and educational experience of interacting with them, watching them eat, roam around, and play. You can share with the animals too by giving them a holiday treat! They would greatly appreciate some new things in their enclosures to explore, climb, and hide in, and other supplies to keep them healthy and happy. If you have any animal care supplies at home that you no longer need, or any other items that you think our critters could use, bring them on in during your next visit to Catoctin Creek! We welcome and greatly appreciate your donations. Catoctin Creek Nature Center will be accepting donations beginning January 2nd. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Catoctin Creek Nature Center Animal Wish list:

-A climbing log for: Ursula the tarantula, or Sweetheart the juvenile Corn Snake

 -A hiding cave for any of the following animals: Pumpkin the adult Corn Snake,  Dezzy the Western Hognose Snake, Cinnamon the Sinaloan Milk Snake, or Sly the juvenile Eastern Ratsnake

- any logs, branches, caves, huts, medium-large feeding dishes, rocks, and other habitat accessories

-new or used large aquarium tanks (50-100 gallon) with lid

Please do not bring in any logs from outside or products out of cedar. Toxins in the cedar logs can harm our reptile friends.

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