Monday, June 27, 2016

Butterfly Count

Sunday, July 24th
10 AM

The annual butterfly count is scheduled for Sunday, July 24th, starting at 10 AM at Catoctin Creek Park.  Join Kathy Barylski of the Frederick County Nature Council and members of the 4-H Bug Patrol to count and learn about butterflies in the park.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Purple Martin Update

 As of May 31st,  21 of the 24 gourds have nests. Some are not complete (yet). 12 eggs were found spread out in 8 nests; 4 nests with 2 eggs and 4 nests with 1 egg each.

Next Nest Check:
Saturday, June 11
3:00 PM
Join us at Catoctin Creek Nature Center as we lower the gourd rack to survey each gourd for nests and to count eggs.

Purple Martin pair with the female holding nesting material.

Nest with Eggs inside the gourd.

Friday, June 3, 2016


To Register:  Call 301-600-2936 
           Or go to 
Class Details
Map & Compass

Whether you are going hiking, boating, fishing or hunting; you should always know how to get where you want to go. And even more important, how to return.
This program will teach you the basics of how to read a map and use a compass. Then refine your skills as we hike around the park.
Ages:  12+ years
Classes:  1
Day:  Saturday
Dates:  6/18/16
Time:  1—3 PM
Fee:  $12
Family Fishing

Join us for a relaxing morning by the water.  We will learn about native freshwater fish species, how to safely cast, use artificial lures, different fishing techniques, and much more.

Location:  Shelter # 2 at Middletown Park
Ages:  5+ years
Classes:  1
Day:  Saturday
Dates:  6/18/16
Time:  10 AM—12 PM
Fee:  $10
Archery Open Practice

 Come out and practice at our archery range!   We will have equipment, games to play, and a Level 1 Certified Instructor to answer any questions. Bring a water bottle and dress for the weather.
Ages:  8+ years
Classes:  1
Day:  Sunday
Dates:  6/19
Time:  3—5 PM
Fee:  $8.00
Family Float
The family can come to the park, park their car, and enjoy a short float down the Catoctin Creek with staff, all while staying within the park.  Tubes and PFDs will
be provided.  Bring a picnic and change of clothes and make a day of it!  Each family member must be registered.
Ages:  5+
Classes:  1
Day:  Saturday
Dates:  6/25/16
Time:  10AM—12PM
Fee:  $10.00
Rockin’ Rocks &
Fabulous Fossils

Join Spelunker John Powers and learn about the many rocks and minerals in the collections of Catoctin Creek Nature Center. New fossils have been donated and John is eager to share them with you. This is definitely a hands-on program!
Ages:  6-12 years
Classes:  1
Day:  Sunday
Dates:  7/10/16
Time:  1—3 PM
Fee:  $12.00
Geocaching Series
#8394 :   8/6
#8395:    8/13
#8396:    8/20
Learn how to use modern GPS technology to find hidden treasure boxes all over the world.  Topics:  Geocaching for Beginners, Deciphering, and Puzzles.  GPS units will be provided. Bring, a full reusable water bottle, and hiking shoes. Under 16 must be accompanied by a participating
(registered) adult.
Ages:  8+ years
Classes:  1
Day:  Saturday
Dates:  See the Program # (left)
Time:  10 A M—12 PM
Fee:  $10
Cave Exploration
Join naturalist John Powers for a sneak peak at one of our local caves. Participants will meet onsite and hike to the cave.  See page 33 of the Recreater for more details and directions.
Site:  Dam #4 Parking Area, Downsville, MD
Ages:  10+ years
Classes:  1
Day:  Sunday
Dates:  8/14
Time:  1—3 PM
Fee:  $10.00