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Please keep checking back for information about our Frederick County Maryland
Master Naturalist Program.

Frederick County Master Naturalists

Become a Master Naturalist!

What is a Master Naturalist?

Master Naturalists are volunteers who have been trained extensively in the flora, fauna, and physiography of a particular region within the state.  Once trained, they offer 40 hours of service to their host site and the local community annually. 

How Do I Become a Master Naturalist?

The training program consists of thirteen weeks (52 hours) of hands-on classroom presentations and field trip experiences (8 hours), led by park naturalists and local ecology experts. You’ll learn to identify and explore the natural history of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, plants, and fungi. You’ll also practice field study techniques, park stewardship, and interpretive skills.
  • Submit your application materials
  • Complete the thirteen-week training program and exam
  • Participate in a group project and presentation
  • Volunteer at least 40 hours of service within the first year
To maintain certification, you must complete 8 hours of advanced training and forty hours of volunteer service each year.
Application Process:
Look back here soon for info on how to join the class starting in 2019 at Fountain Rock Park.
Contact Kelly Ketzenberger, Fountain Rock Park Naturalist, for more information:   301-600-4460
For more information, click on this link:
MD Master Naturalist Program

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